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Ayurvedic Cleanses

​Ayurvedic cleansing is unique because of its balanced, gentle, and
nourishing approach that releases congestion
and toxins and to
improve digestion, increase vitality and energy, and alleviate fatigue
and mental cloudiness.  It can also ease allergies and lead to weight
loss and other beneficial changes to your
body and mind. The main
components of an Ayurvedic cleanse are: (a) a mono-diet of kitchari—a mung bean and rice stew with spices and
​ optional vegetables, (b) oiling of the body both internally (ghee) and externally (self-massage) to soften
tissues and loosen deep-seated toxins, (c) a daily routine self-care routine that includes improved sleep and eating habits,
exercise, yoga, and rest that allows you to maintain a moderate work and social
schedule, and ​(d) a purge near the end to flush out the toxins that have been eliminated from your

Individual Cleanse Coaching
Lynn offers individual guidance for an Ayurveda cleanse, either a seasonal 
cleanse for general detoxification and rejuvenation or a more therapeutic
cleanse for detoxifying heavy metals, healing the digestive system, or other
specific clinical issues.
Call or email for more information & pricing

Seasonal Group Cleanses
  The change of season is the perfect time to rest the digestive system,
cleanse the tissues and organs of the body, rest and rejuvenate. 
Traditionally done each fall and spring, Ayurveda offers deep cleansing therapy recommended to keep the body, mind and spirit in balance with the changing
seasons.  Seasonal group cleanses provide both individual and community
​support through the process.

See Workshops for Fall and spring
cleanse details!